Our computer speaks & broadcasts all* tweets from President Trump, Vice President Pence, and all 14 Cabinet Members

Listen to updates as they happen during the day


replay the whole day with the press of a button

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"I listen to it on my iPhone at work! Thanks for the amazing idea."

   --- Kristy in Idaho

"Just listened, and gosh it is easy, no set up at all!"

   --- Cheri in Texas

"Thank You, guys in Austin, Texas. Patriots, so now we get everything first-hand before these so called Journalists get their warped mouth on it."

   --- Libby in Alabama

"I love it! I will spread the word."

   --- Carolyn in Louisiana

"I listen on my phone so I never miss a tweet. I put it on my speaker when doing housework."

   --- Beverley in Tennessee

"I like hearing about things the Administration is doing that I wouldn't hear about. Thanks again!"

   --- Vickie in Alabama

"NICE. The app takes a timeline approach. Easier to keep track of what's going on and when it happened. I like it."

   --- Pamela in Utah

"I downloaded the Android version thru the Google store.. loving it so far."

   --- Akamai in South Carolina

Listen LIVE

Hear everything the Trump Administration says as they tweet throughout the day.


Stay up to date effortlessly while doing other things at home, at work, or in your car.

Replay the Day

Our phone app has a button that plays all of today's tweets with a single press.

Many listeners use this to catch up during their evening commute.

It's free & simple

Listen in a web browser on your computer OR download our free Oval Office Radio app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

We do not ask for ANY info from you, and you do NOT need a Twitter account (though we encourage you to have one).


COMPUTER: You will hear this all of the time. The voice is pleasant and easy to understand, and does not sound like any particular person. We use a male voice for men, and a female voice for women.


VOICE ACTOR: For President Trump only, we HAD a great voice actor until July 31, 2019. He made listening to President Trump's tweets really fun. But Oval Office Radio is the creation of 2 regular guys in Austin, and we had to cut expenses when we realized that growth in listener numbers is going to take time. We'd LOVE to bring back our Trump voice actor... it's just going to take a lot more listeners to make economic sense.







We are 2 guys in Austin.


We have day jobs so we're not on Twitter or Facebook very much, but we made this automated system so we (and you!) can stay up to date with everything tweeted by President Trump and his entire Administration... WITHOUT STARING AT A SCREEN!

Our system speaks and broadcasts all of the Administration tweets, so we (and you!) can listen whenever and wherever works best... either live, as things happen... or by hearing a complete replay at the end of the day.

We are NOT affiliated with President Trump, The White House, The Oval Office, or any other part of government.


The idea for Oval Office Radio came up early in 2018 when we read about a Bitcoin ticker display and we thought, "Huh... What if it was that easy to know what President Trump is tweeting... like just hearing him in the background?"

Early listeners requested that we add Vice President Pence and 14 other Cabinet Members to our broadcast, and after listening for awhile, we like it, too. It's pretty neat to hear what everyone in the Trump Administration is doing / tweeting / saying.

Oval Office Radio "Bot": We discovered that it's pretty fun to set up a "bot", which is a computer, phone, or tablet that's dedicated to playing our live broadcast 24/7. We have these running at home, at work, and in one of our pickup trucks.

End-of-Day Replay: The most common use we've heard from listeners is the end-of-day replay. Most listeners say they cannot listen live during the day, but they CAN press a button to hear the whole day replayed while they commute home from work.

We hope you can enjoy Oval Office Radio however works best for you!

#T-Shirts & more: Some listeners want t-shirts and mugs and more, so we created 3 designs and set up shop. We set the pricing so we make $0 profit. Go and buy anything you want HERE.